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Investing With Emotional Intelligence


EQS Capital Partners is a private investment firm specializing in providing a variety of hard money loans. We lend directly to real estate investors, builders and dealers.  We specialize in short term real estate secured loans, also known as bridge loans and/or hard money loans.

​We believe that while having a high IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and AQ (Agility Quotient) are essential, it’s our EQ (Emotional Quotient) that really separates us.

We lend to people, not balance sheets.​





We work with you to design the loan that meets your needs

Closings take weeks,
not months

Our team has over 100 years collective experience
Peace of mind

 Reliability is a core value. We
will be at the closing table
when you need us.

 New borrower real estate investor?  We will guide you  every step of the way

Get  discounts on origination fees and interest rates for continuing to work with us

Eliminate virtually all of the
traditional lending 'red tape'

The property itself serves as the collateral for the loan
Focus On You

We believe in lending to people, not balance sheets
  • What is 'hard money lending'?
    Hard Money is the term used for loans funded by private parties that cannot be funded by conventional lending institutions. There are many types of hard money loans. Other common names for hard money loans are: private, asset-based, bridge & interim.
  • How does a hard money loan work?
    Generally, hard money loans are contracted for a short-term – between 6-18 months on average. A real estate investor would not want their loan for a long period of time because the interest rates are typically higher than traditional loans.
  • When does it make sense to use a hard money loan?
    While there are many different use cases, investors typically choose to use hard money because: a) They require a quick closing and their bank can’t make the deadline. b) They have an excellent investment opportunity but don’t have sufficient financial strength to get a bank loan. c) They need more leverage than a bank is willing to give. d) The property needs to be rennovated or stabilized before a bank will agree to permanent financing at traditional rates.
  • What types of loans does EQS Capital make?
    EQS has many loan programs: - Fix & Flip loans are our most popular & provide financing for the purchase and rehab of non-owner occupied residential and muli-family investment properties. - Alternative Fix & Flip loans are also available to provide financing for the rehab of other assets such as vintage automobiles, RVs & boats - Our Bridge Loan program provides investors funding for the acquisition and refinance of residential, multi-family, mixed-use, and commercial investment properties. - Refinance or Cash-Out programs allow investors to use the equity in a property they already own for refinance, rehab or improving their property. Or just take cash out. - New Construction loans can get you the financing you need to cover the cost of the building process.
  • Where does EQS Capital lend?
    To date we have funded loans in 10 states: CT, MA, RI, NY, VT, NJ, PA, MD, FL & CO.
  • How much can EQS Capital lend?
    EQS Capital makes its lending decisions based heavily on the project’s Loan to Value (LTV) ratio. In addition to the LTV, the Loan to Cost (LTC) ratio is considered. These ratios measure the risk of the loan by comparing the loan amount to the cost of the project and the value of the asset. The After Repair Value (ARV) is also considered. We can provide financing from $100,000 – $5,000,000 with LTV not to exceed 75%.
  • Who can get a loan?  What are our requirements?
    We are a 1st lien lender for deals secured by real property. Having experience is very helpful but we do lend to first time borrowers. We do evaluate credit background of the deal principals, however we have no FICO minimum. In almost all cases, borrowers will be required to bring some cash to closing and on occasion will be asked to provide personal guarantees.
  • What are our rates & fees?
    Our rates and points are generally fixed but can vary slightly depending on the borrower and the specific project. Interest Rate: Interest rates are higher than for traditional loans, but the loan term is much shorter. So it is always wise to consider the actual dollars that will be paid during the term of the loan, rather than the APR. Points: Points are calculated as a percentage of the loan amount. This is the charge for originating the loan. These are typically between 2-4 percent of the total loan amount. The actual points charged on your loan will depend on the loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of your deal, the interest rate charged and the risk associated with the loan. Processing and Underwriting Fees: There will be a fee to process the loan application and documentation in order to underwrite the loan. Appraisal Fee: Typically the borrower pays a fee for an appraisal by a licensed appraiser.
  • Is there a prepayment penalty?
    No! You may pay off your loan anytime prior to maturity without incurring a prepayment penalty. In fact, it is always an exciting moment when we receive a borrowers request for loan payoff.


For any inquiries, please call or email us:

(203) 787-8771   |

Our Location

Ridgefield, CT 06877

Alternatively you can fill in the following contact form:
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